HSBNE Entrance way - poll

Hi all, a few members will be dedicating their time to improve the entrance to the space in the next few weeks.
There are varying opinions on what would be the best thing to do, so I would like to get a general opinion poll.

If you have a suggestion for the entrance please write a reply of a maximum of 3 lines. There is no need to discuss about which idea is better than the other, we have done that already. If you have a different alternative just summarise your idea in 3 lines and others will be able compare and then cast their support.

Also post a separate reply for any thought you might have to where to move the kitchenette.

We will then take into consideration the number of likes each proposal has to get a general idea of where everyone stands. I will also bring this topic up on Tuesday night.

Entrance Proposal : In my opinion the current kitchenette should be replaced with a showcase room, with nice shelves showcasing the cool things we do or have accomplished. The vending machine should remain however the sink should be removed (possibly placed in the metal shop or close by).

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kitchen: In my opinion the kitchen should be moved to where the sink is in the greenroom. Then we can adopting some ideas such as “everyone has their own plates and cups with their name on” to ensure that the area is always tidy. For washing non food stuff, the science lab sink is available or we can add a sink outside.

I second the idea of having a display showcase in the entry way. Showing off cool stuff we have done in one area right as people walked in will hopefully grab there attention and interest on a Tuesday and give some time for people to talk to them so they don’t just stand around looking confused.

Entrance Proposal : the sink remains where it is, the bench is placed down the left hand side for items like microwaves and kettle. Cool stuff shelf/cabinet could be placed above.
Remove the vending machine and smother the remaining wall space with couches thus turning it into a hang out area.
The power points on the wall (where the couches will be) are high enough for laptop users without having to move the couch to get to them.

I feel that turning this area into a “hangout” area will be more inviting as the person will be seeing humans at the entrance drawing them.

Having the kitchen visible now, everyone WILL keep it cleaner as their fellow space members want this as well. (Plus we can hunt you down using the camera’s!)

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1+ to showcase and hangout area. Please make sure there is a space for the
welcome centre too (even if it is just a swing armed monitor) :slight_smile:

Kitchenette I’m ambivalent on. I can see the benefit of having it visible
to encourage it being clean but it’s already been left dirty in public so

Oh also, the Aircon unit beside the front door is rusted through and
unuseable. I’d suggest removing that and either a) moving the ‘open’ sign
there or b) adding a mail drop.

I think there’s a need for separate “food/coffee prep” sink ( in
reception at present, but don’t really care where in the bldg it goes) and
a more general “wash your project/hands” sink ( in he green room at
present, seems reasonable). merging these together means it’ll never be
clean-enough, and much bitching will ensure.
So, in summary:
+1 to “keeping two separate sink areas” ( wherever that ends up )

also, +1 to showcase area in reception.

also +1 to removing the vending machine/s from this area. ( put them in
the classroom, or the barely-used room next to lazer-cutter room? )

I feel we do need to keep a separate food and non-food sink in the green room. We also need space for a kettle and microwave and enough clean bench space to actually work with food. I do not feel the green room sink currently qualifies. On the other hand moving the vending machine in the kitchen to next to the on in the green room is a good idea, as is having a display cabinet in font of the entrance. Perhaps free standing &\or movable?

What food are people going to prepare? I’ve never seen anyone make anything more complicated than noodles or a cup of tea or instant coffee, which can be done on one end of a sink with a kettle and a microwave. Is that untrue/unfair/unreasonable/wrong?

To be perfectly honest I’ve never cooked more than a microwave pie or
reheated food.

Given we have a powder coating company across the road that’s been cited
for environmental violations in the past I’d caution against preparing
food on site.

Given this thread is supposed to be a poll, and its a Tuesday anyway, I’ll discuss food things with you guys at the space tonight. #Anti-Derailing