Hi Team!

About time we had some flyers. I’ve done up two prototypes below as a parody of the old 80’s advertisements. Any constructive criticism would be much appreciated!

What’s that? You think we should have retro Apple or Amstrad instead? Or a flyer with actual photos of HSBNE? The challenge is open for anyone to create an alternative flyer that is different or improves upon the original. In two weeks (17th Nov), I’ll open an online voting poll to vote on the one that gets printed. Just make sure it’s DL size (99 x 210mm) , features @riumplus’s amazing custom QR Code and is in good taste.


or Amstrad instead

Damn, you’ve caught me.

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Surely that Texas Instruments add canbe worked in with the safe space policy somehow

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At the meeting tonight it was mentioned that it would be an amazing idea to have other flyers focused on the other interests of HSBNE - i.e. Crafts, woodworking, metalworking, blacksmithing, etc to make sure we hit all our target markets. We could get a few sets printed!


I’ve followed up on the above with another flyer based on russian space propaganda for putting in hardware/DIY stores. Any feedback would be much appreciated!

I will put forward a proposal for printing costs in the next meeting.