HSBNE Garage Sale

Theres a heap of stuff that needs to clear out of the space in the very near future. A lot of it will end up on gumtree or ebay, but @firedrake suggested the other day we do a “garage sale” first to thin the crop given its a simple matter of letting people come a paw through our garbage for useful stuff. If we put away all our valuables/keepables and leave the sheds closed, and someone sits on the front gate taking cash and keeping an eye out for sticky hands, we should be fine.

Any yays/nays/suggestions?


are we talking a stall or letting people roam free?

Put everything we have some attachment to inside the shed or away in some other way, and let them have at it. Then the rest goes to peoples houses or to the dump.

Like it

Garage sale
Then gumtree ‘free’ stuff
Then skip