hey guys i have tickets to Cirque du Soleil tonight an it so happens its next door to hacker space. is anyone going in. and does anyone know if the gate will be open so i can park there.

AFAIK (its been a few weeks since I was there) the main HSBNE car park isn’t behind a gate, we normally only open the gate into the premises when we think the main car park will be full (eg Tuesday nights) or if people are wanting to take stuff into the quad area or work on the vehicle.

There is a few people there at the moment though I can’t guarantee they will be there later tonight when cirque du soleil finishes up. I’ll be heading over in an hour and will probably stick around for a few more if you want to come earlier.

i am at uni now but ill head over shortly

Sorry man, but I have to head out earlier than expected. Sad to say that there isn’t anyone else left here to give a tour either.

We have open nights every Tuesday night and usually have people floating about during the day and on weekends.

Blair y would i need a tour

The red mazda is mine so tow the others

I didn’t recognize the profile.