HSBNE Induction Signup Kiosk

The touch screen has gone dark a few weeks ago, so tonight I finally found some time to pull the kiosk apart and see what the issue was. By the end of the night I’d found the issue was that the touch screen had gone dark aka it’s something internal. The frame, tower and cabling itself all appears to be fine although the kiosk itself is a job to pull apart and put together again.

Luckily one of the backup kiosks (next to the microwave in the kitchen) seems to be in good working order. The only hitch is that the touchscreen appears to use the old PS2 cables coming out of it and I didn’t have a converter handy to test it. At some point I’ll eventually swap the two and move the one with the borked touchscreen out to the boneyard, then setup the working one with an adaptor. Note: the third kiosk that was in the boneyard appears to have been taken home for a member’s project.

@nogthree any suggestion or comment? We could probably replace the touch screen but without one with the exact same dimensions I’m not sure it’s worth the effort.

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