Anyone keen?

These words are extra so I satisfy the word count.

Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen as. The extra B is for BYOBB.

I would be. I would also be able to provide a server for game servers.

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I’m down for this, depending on the game can bring 1-2 extra computers, but don’t really have any network gear spare at the moment.

Very keen, may be able to bring a cisco switch or two

Cool cool, Ill keep people posted

We should have plenty in the way of switches, might just be patch leads that we need for any large scale event.

Keen as mustard mate. Will the games be pre or post 2007

Will their be Artemis Bridge Simulator their?

If i can get there I’m interested.

Bags not hosting any games though my mobo is dying.