HSBNE Smart Home Lightning Talks

Hi Everyone!

I’d like to announce my intention of running some smart home lightning talks like we’ve done in the past. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, they will of course be done online. I’ve been playing around with Streamlabs OBS and am confident that we could pull off a really nice stream with multiple presenters.

I’d like to put out an expression of interest to those who may want to present at the lightning talk. The idea is each person would run through their own system and explain how it all works. I’m going to do a short (~10 min) intro at the beginning explaining some key concepts, like different protocols, types of sensors etc. This will allow each presenter to focus on their own system without having to waste time with technical explanations or repeating what others have said.

Can you please reply here or send me a DM on discord with your availability and preferred day out of those below. To help with your planning, I’ll post a list of things that will be covered in the intro section shortly.

Proposed Dates:
Tuesday 12th May 6-7pm
Tuesday 19th May 6-7pm
Tuesday 26th May 6-7pm


I’m happy to talk at this about my setup.

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Oooo is like to hear what you’re up to in this space. I’ve only got a few sonoff plates and relays.

Ok, currently it’s just myself and @nogthree. At this stage the plan is to run the session on Tuesday 19th May 6-7pm. If it stays just us two, I’ll likely take some time to go into more depth and @nogthree is welcome to also.

I also plan to run some follow up sessions every fortnight or so afterwards doing a deep dive into specific topics. This will look something like this but could change:

Tuesday 19th May: Introduction to Home Automation and IoT with examples from two experts
Tuesday 2nd June: How to setup your own home automation server (hass.io) and add IKEA smart lights
Tuesday 16th June: How to setup useful automations like motion or sunset triggered lights, home/away notifications and more
Tuesday 30th June: How to create your own customised home automation dashboard from an old tablet or iPad

Super interested! Are these talks members-only, or available to non-members? If the latter, is there any chance the 19th May one was recorded? Was bummed to miss it, but keen on future talks if they’re open (and totally understand if they’re not).