HSBNE T-Shirt Order

A whole bunch of you have expressed interest in getting hold of one of the beautiful HSBNE shirts we had made for various volunteer events. If you’d like one, please comment with your size and send $35 to the bank account below in the next week by the 2nd of June.

BSB 034-010
Account 297720

Size chart can be found here: http://www.theprintbar.com/product/s/product_spec/0/461/843/2000.pdf?1276140320


I would like one.
Size L
Money is send! :slight_smile:

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I have extended the money due date for another week up to the 7th of June for anyone who is still interested. @desuza

I’ll grab one as well - L

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I’ll take an M unless you think it is the wrong size. Will schedule payment for Mon. I take it the photo shows the front and back?

Sounds like the right size! Yes, logo on the front and quote on the back.

Can you confirm the account name for the remittance? Both account/BSB details are different from the ones I have for HSBNE.Tks

This is a different HSBNE account for misc. payments, just to make things easier for the treasurer to reconcile.

I’ll take two: one S, one M. Money has left my account…

@Jim borman says he has paid for a shirt, requests XL size.

Am I too late for this?

Still waiting for a few payments to go through, if you send through your deets and cash today I’ll have you on board with the order :slight_smile:

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Ill take a Small, will you be at the space today?

Yeah, I’ll be doing a timber inspection around 12-1, will be around in the afternoon.

The shirts are in! You can pick them up tonight and future open nights or PM me if you’d like to make alternative arrangements.

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1 XL shirt please. Money well spent.

Ahhh. I wrote the message but never sent it… rats…

@Jim I placed your request above

Steph. I still have to pick mine up.

Once job situation is sorted, I’d be very keen to get one.
Watch this space…