HSBNE Tshirts

Continuing the discussion from Improving Tours:

I’ve been offering to make HSBNE shirts for a while now. We have screen printing in the Createatorium and after the workshop I’m running next weekend, we’ll have some money to complete the screen printing setup. I found an Australian Supplier of Tshirts, they will cost about $12 each. So a printed shirt for a member will cost about $15. The plus side to this is it will be a full detail UV screen, so we can have a cool design. Only monochrome though.

I had an idea for some designs that I will post soon, and if anyone else has some ideas, I can mock it up into a graphic design for you. I’m gonna be a bitch and say I’d like to do the graphical design for the sake of getting it right the first time in regards to format and composition. I’m also going to be doing an order for Tshirts with the Brisbane Browncoats, so if we get our asses into gear, I’m happy to make everyone a Tshirt.


Just make sure the paint is good quality. The print came off all my PurePwnage shirts and I was disappoint. Sounds good at $15 each.

Perhaps in lieu of badges (which are relatively expensive & don’t play well with thin shirts) we could just make a bunch of 25x25mm designs on a screen and print our badges straight onto our HSBNE logo shirts? Inductions could also be logged with 5x5mm icons laser etched onto our RFID cards.

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