who would be interested in that?
I would champion and my idea is to cover everything that is not just a plain old R/C model. Not that they are not fun but there is enough out there that covers these sorts of things.
So, all sorts copters/airplanes, autonomous indoor and outdoor, mapping, photogrammetry, aeriel video/photo, FPV, LSDSLAM and what else you can think of.
I guess as soon as it is more complex then just a standard R/C model it is welcome?

That is all just my 2 cents and it will be up to the group of members to find an outline we seem fitting.

There will be outings for flying, teaching and discussion of set ups, teaching of flying, teaching of autopilots, building together and everything else that we seem fit.

We got a stock of 3 helicopters in different states of condition, a pile of airplanes, a heap of props, motors and esc’s to get us started.

I think we don’t need a room for us as the building of aircraft goes through all sorts of areas here (Metal workshop, Wood workshop, Electrical…). I’m thinking just a big shelf to store aircraft and parts?

Let me know what you reckon!


PS: Tag frenzy for who I think might be interested
Tag who you think might be in too!




I think @theban would be interested too

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I don’t care that much where the planes and parts are stored. It just needs to be reasonably secure as there will be some precious parts there. Fragile as well as money wise.

I still haven’t seen anybody besides Hally putting up their hand for it.
So far it’s only Hally and me, that’s not enough!

Come on in and make fun things that fly! or crash…

The “move the member storage” discussion is clearly off topic.
@nogthree could you do some moderation magic?

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I’d be interested but I’m already at my causes cap. I’ll give the 3 I have a go first and re-evaluate after the first month if they need me still.

Whats in the back room next to the laser?

That’s the Fabrication cause room (Both rooms, one for lasers, one for 3d printers and their paraphenalia).

Sounds interesting. I expect there’ll be lots of popular classes come from it.

However the cause definitely need to look after a physical area. It’s in the cause rules we voted in last year:
http://hsbne.org/admin/causes.html “Obligation to ‘own’ a physical area of the hackerspace and be responsible for its upkeep and appearance.”
Why not look after the classroom or the laser room (and it’s twin)?

I suggest some of the warehouse space next to the wood workshop or next to the Grease Pit for the UAV area, should it come to pass. Will be fairly secure with the doors on each side locked.

Are you referring to the one with the switchboard in it?
If so this room should be accessible by all members and some public for obvious reasons.

Maybe the one where the pile of segways are now. (Between switch and grease pit). We could make a shelf and a locking slidy door?

What about the room designated for the 3d printer as that cause is taking up too much room.

Jimmy, the Digital Fabrication cause requires both rooms, as the laser cutter room will soon be full with a second laser cutter. The rest of the space in that room will more than likely be taken up with sheet/material storage as it is right now. The second conjoined room is where the 3d printers and similar digital fabrication equipment is being stored.

Those two rooms combined are barely even the same size as the wood shop or creatatorium rooms. It’s a hard sell to say that the digi fab cause is ‘Taking up too much room.’ when we have plenty of other space that is even more poorly utilized.

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I could make some room in the woodworking room but i am sure noone wants metal filings and saw dust through their electronic projects :frowning:

Seems we have now partly agreed on the switchboard room near the entrance. (the one with the hotwater system in it next to the couches)

Ideally this room will be locked with swipe access to keep toys safe. But we are thinking of a break glass for key for: fire, emergencies, power outages to access switchboard.

On the note of having the greenroom-switchboard room locked, I’m wondering if this would apply moreso to the main switchboard room (next to woodshop) rather than the hot water room. Thinking being if there’s a fire, they’ll want to cut power to the whole property, and the main switchboard does that.

If anyone is feeling excited, we’re supposed to mark that room to identify the switchboard anyway. “MAIN SWITCHBOARD” stenciled on the door or something should suffice.

That is a good concern, but I think the main one is the ability to reset a tripped breaker.
And the ability to gain access if there is a blackout (no power to the system).

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In the light of the recent events (OBC and room problems) I suggest a meeting next Tuesday.
3 Items:

  1. Decision on what room we are going to use.
  2. Implementing said room.
  3. OBC, are we stupid enough to try?


Will you all be able to make it?


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I’ll be at the meeting to see what is achievable. Without seppo’s rf experience i have some doubts.

I’m confident we can pull it off without Seppo but I reckon he will be available for advice and hands on help if it should come together.

As it seems, there is no particular interest in this cause.
Considering all the other stuff going on I would propose to discontinue the cause.

Any thoughts?