HSBNE Website Revamp 2020

So some of you might be aware that I’ve been working away on revamping our main website - it’s a bit old in the tooth and deserved some love.

I’ve done a few things, pretty much every blurb, alignment or image has been tweaked but a quick rundown goes like this:
Where possible new, higher resolution versions of the images we already have have been uploaded.

  • Updated many of the area images
  • Our instagram feed is now linked in as the projects listing
  • Fixed longstanding issues with menu portal link.
  • Added our sponsors.
  • Simplified the Menus
  • Moved area descriptions to ‘the space’ page.

For reference, this is the old:

And this is the new:

The new site is currently hosted at http://nog3.duckdns.org:4000/, I’d appreciate it if people could take a poke through the new site and find any issues that need fixing. Cheers!


Thanks for doing all that work bro, looks tight as. No “constructive feedback” here :blush:

Looks great! I think it might be a good idea to change the copy on the first main paragraph on the home page to explain to people what we do instead of who we are. It currently says:

Who We Are

HSBNE inc is Brisbane’s largest community workshop and maker collective. As Australia’s oldest hackerspace, it brings together the community, space and tools for anyone to build amazing things… or to learn how to do so.

We have people interested in:
  • Woodworking
  • Digital Fabrication
  • Metalworking
  • Electronics
  • And much more…

Become a member and see what you can learn, teach, make and show.

You only have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention so I think this might be a better “hook” to keep them reading and get them interested in joining:

What We Do

HSBNE Inc. is Brisbane’s largest community workshop and maker collective. We facilitate an amazing community and workshop to enable anyone to build amazing things (or learn how to!).

We have facilities that allow:
  • Woodworking
  • Digital Fabrication - 3D printing, laser cutting, etc.
  • Metalworking
  • Electronics - oscilloscopes, soldering irons, etc.
  • Cosplay and crafting
  • And much more…

Become a member and see what you can learn, teach, make and show.

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Looking Great!

I tried viewing it at 1024×600 (yep, you guessed it… 10 year old Samsung netbook) and 1920×1080… on the smaller resolution a bit of the “Make Something Amazing” gets cut off, but it’s still obvious what it says. There’s a wee bit of horizontal scroll (maybe 10px) but everything is still visible so not really worth worrying about. Only seems to be the first page.

Naturally, at 1920px wide, everything is fine.

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looks good, as requested i had a bit of a look arround and found on the /admin page, above the meeting list… an incomplete sentence that is missing the link to the 2020 meeting minutes.
“Minutes of pre-2020 HSBNE meetings. 2020 onwards at”

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Thanks for looking it over folks. I’ve implemented the changes requested above, will bring this to the next meeting to get it approved before pushing it.