HSBNE ZigBee Network

Following the recent purchase proposals for ZigBee sensors and adapters that have been approved, most of the gear has arrived. @nogthree has all of the window/door sensors and we’ll be installing them some time in the next week or so. The ZigBee adapters have just arrived, and I’m in the process of flashing them with the custom firmware to allow us to use them.

Next step is to design and print some cases for them so they have a little more protection than just the bare circuit board.

Here’s a pic of what I have for reference:

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The cases have been designed and are now printing.

The cases have finished printing and I’ve flashed the custom firmware and assembled them. They’re both ready to go so I’ll set them up either this weekend or next Tuesday. I think they look quite good and am happy with how they turned out.


What a difference a box makes! lookin’ good!

Thanks, I do think they look really nice :slight_smile:

The next stage of the HSBNE ZigBee network is to setup the zigbee2mqtt software to bridge the ZigBee network to our mqtt server. I’ll set up a hass.io server on porthack01 inside a docker container and run the mqtt server on that using the add on. The ZigBee adapter (the co-ordinator one) will connect to porthack01 via USB and be made available to the hass.io docker container which will run zigbee2mqtt.

I’ve just finished setting up hass.io in a docker container on porthack01. I’ve also installed the ZigBee adapter and repeater. Zigbee2mqtt is talking to the adapter successfully, but it’s having trouble connecting to the hass.io mqtt server which I’ve been troubleshooting for quite a while now.

Toss the internal hass mqtt server and install the mosquitto addon instead, it’ll save you some pain.

I’m already not using it.

After some troubleshooting it seems like there’s weird stuff going on with the docker networking between the containers (each hass.io addon is a docker container). I’ve finally resolved it and now zigbee2mqtt is fully operational. I’ve finished installing all of the window sensors on various windows that are commonly left open.

I’ve also integrated all of these into hass.io and have configured duckdns so it’s easily accessible via the internet. We can’t easily use a *.hsbne.org subdomain with SSL as the portal is already taking up port 80 & 443 which means it will be a headache to get let’s encrypt working nicely. The hass.io duckdns addon talks to duckdns and let’s encrypt via their API to do DNS based verification so that’s why it works.

The zigbee repeater doesn’t seem to be powering up anymore so I’ve bought that home and I’ll do some troubleshooting. The good news is the furthest away sensors seem to work, but I think it’s very marginal as they seem to occasionally drop out. Once the repeater is in place it should improve this.

I’m going to start work on integrating these sensors into the portal so that members can easily check them when they’re packing up. I’ve also placed an order for the temp/humidity sensors that were approved the other night.

Here’s some pics of the sensors installed. Note: the sensors are intentionally mounted off centre so they’re more sensitive to a window being open.

Hipster Lounge Window

Kitchen Window

Greenroom Quad Window

Digifab Side Window

Craftpunk Eat St Window

Craftpunk HSBNE Window

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