Hulk has been retired

For those who are unaware, the Large green mill (hulk) in the metal shop has been voted to be retied at the last general meeting on the 25th of June 2019.
Proposed method to dispose of the hulk.

  1. Re-purpose the tooling to the manual mill.
  2. Control panel to be saved for Sven when he returns ( his only request)
  3. Large copper coil to be stripped out and sold to scrap merchant.
  4. Any other worthwhile parts stripped out e.g. pumps, hydraulic actuators etc.
  5. Sell remaining hulk to scrap merchant.

Shouldn’t we attempt to sell it as is prior to stripping it out?

Seems like a waste when it’s a functional machine, and there is a considerable amount of work to be done to actually strip it down.

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Yeah I think it would be worthwhile trying to sell it (at a reasonably cheap price) for at least a few weeks to see if we can get anything for it. The main benefit if we sell it, it becomes someone else’s problem to move offsite :wink:.

I know someone that would be willing to purchase the whole running machine with tooling. And has the ability to organise transport for it.