IC Bin in the printer room

Hi All,

I’ve noticed that there is a huge bin full of (presumably donated) IC’s in the printer room. It’s been there for a number of months no apparent activity.

Were these intended to be made available to members for use in projects? If so, does anyone have a plan already to catalog, sort, or organise them in any way? If not, I’d like to make a start doing the following:

a) Catalog them into a list so that members can see what’s there/available
b) Loosely grouping them into smaller “bundles” (with a list cross reference) so that members can more easily locate the ones they need (this is nearly impossible right now!)

What do you think? Any objections, questions, or concerns?

Jeremy Roussell

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I believe the intent was for them to be shared resources, so totally go ahead and organise them if that’s what you want to do :smile:

Thank you for taking the time to do it.

On behalf on the donator, yes this was the intention.
Please feel free to catalog them it would be a HUGE help and great to see
what chips are actually in that pile…

Done back when we first got it (can’t remember whether this was all the IC boxes - one box is currently in the boneyard):

24c04 ssop
24c16 dip
24lc04 ssop
24lc04 ssop
27128 dip
2764 dip
27c010 dip
27c128 dip
27c292 dip
27hc010 plcc
2n2222a to92
2n5485 to92
2sk1336 to92
4116p-2-103 dip
4116r-001-221 dip
4116r-001-331 dip
41256 dip
6116 dip
74ac04 dip
74c74 dip
74f00 dip
74f04 dip
74f08 dip
74f08 dip
74f138 dip
74f161 dip
74f24 dip
74f24 dip
74f245 dip
74f27 dip
74f374 dip
74f374 dip
74f374 dip
74hc00 dip
74hc04 dip
74hc05 dip
74hc10 dip
74hc123 dip
74hc125 dip
74hc132 ssop
74hc138 dip
74hc139 dip
74hc163 dip
74hc173 dip
74hc174 dip
74hc240 dip
74hc245 dip
74hc257 dip
74hc27 dip
74hc299 dip
74hc30 dip
74hc373 dip
74hc541 dip
74hc573 dip
74hc573 dip
74hc573 ssop
74hc574 dip
74hc688 dip
74hc74 dip
74hc86 dip
74hc93 dip
74hct00 dip
74ls00n dip
74ls02 dip
74ls04 dip
74ls05 dip
74ls08 dip
74ls13 dip
74ls14 dip
74ls14 dip
74ls367 dip
74ls374 dip
74ls393 dip
74ls393 dip
74ls74 dip
74ls74 dip
74ls85 dip
74ls86 dip
75188 dip
78l12 to92
78l82 to92
79l05 to92
8pin dual wipe ic socket
ad558 dip
at27c010 dip
bd140 to126
bd437 to126
bd681 to126
cd4093 dip
cy7c131 dip
db9 right angle female pcb mount socket
db9 right angle male pcb mount socket
ds1210 dip
ds1228 dip
ds1232 dip
ds12887 *
ds1387 *
epm7064lc44 dip
hef4050bd dip
hef4073bp dip
hef4081bp dip
hef4538bp dip
l4940v5 to220
lf347n dip
lf398 dip
lm239 ssop
lm322 dip
lm393 dip
lm393n dip
lt1014 ssop
lt1081 dip
m5m2526cfp ssop
m5m51008bp-70ll dip
mc14051 dip
mc14511bcp dip
mc68000p12 dip
mc68705p3 dip
mc68hc705c8a dip
mc74f245n dip
mje2955t to220
mje3055 to220
moc3023 dip
mps2222 to92
ms62256 dip
n82s23an dip
pal16l8 dip
palce16v8 dip
pic16c54 dip
pic16c71 dip
pic16c73a dip
pic16f873 dip
pic16f877 dip
pic18c242 dip
rj45 socket
stp16nf06 dip
tip122 to220
tip2955 to252
tip32c to220
tl072 ssop
tlp621 dip
ts556cn dip
upd41256c dip
vl7c213 dip
x0205 to92
x9250 dip