Induction on Mill and lathe

Hello, Hope this is the right place to put this.

Would somebody be able to assist me with getting inducted on the Mill and lathe? I can come in most evenings from 4pm if that helps. Zac mentioned that he had lined up Craig on Tuesday for the Lathe induction and was hoping I could piggyback on that session.

Cheers, Craig

yep sure, no problem, see this Tuesday at 4pm.

I was also hoping to get an induction on the Mill & lathe if you have room for one more.

thanks see you there

hi Andrew, that will be fine.

Craig, could I line up as well for the mill and the lathe please? Tues, 4PM?

Hi Craig,
Can I get in on this as well? I can’t get there till 5:30 but hopefully I can still learn something.


Hi, Just wondering if someone could help me get an induction on the milling machine? Would be a big help Thanks.