Induction on use of arc and other welding gear

I’m looking to get my induction on welding. I have used arc before and have my own ppe.
Can anyone help me with this?

Hi Paul

I am doing MIG inductions and a general metalshop induction.

We can do MIG together as an independent induction, or we can make a large sledge hammer out of square bar etc. This gives you a MIG induction, angle grinder, belt grinder/linisher, basic oxcyacetaline set up and use, and a little bit of heat and beat at the forge.

The workshop is a lot if fun and you get to bring more a large metal hammer! But if you want to do the MIG induction on its own that is fine.

As it is. Hit me up with a DM in discord and we can discuss further. I can also supply you with piccies of the hammer!

Zak Crow.

Hi Zach
I have a sledgie and I think my Thor days are over so just the induction would be good. When suits you ?im free a lot of the time

A DM is better for discussions like this. Dm me and we will work out a time. :slight_smile: