Inductions between 17/07/23 and 30/07/23

Hi everybody! I’m planning the inductions for the following weeks. Please vote below.

  • Thicknesser/Jointer
  • Bandsaw
  • Router Table
  • Bosch Sliding Mitre Saw
  • Pantorouter
  • Laguna Cabinet Saw

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I’ve Opened dates for:

Sliding Mitre Saw Bosch GCM12GDL

Saturday, July 15 · 3 - 4pm AEST

I’ve opened dates for:

Bandsaw Hammer N4400 Induction

Thursday, July 20 · 5 - 6:30pm AEST

@Jaye the cabinet requires you to be first inducted on the panel saw. Have u done that?

i’ve opened dates for:

Planer/Thicknesser Hammer A3-31 Induction

Starts on Wednesday, July 26 · 5pm AEST