Inductions Between 27/02/2023 and 12/03/2023

I’m planning next weeks inductions. Please vote below

  • Thicknesser/Jointer
  • Bandsaw
  • Router Table
  • Pantorouter
  • DropSaw

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Hi, will you use the result to set a schedule of tool inductions for the next couple of weeks and list them here for us to join on eventbrite?

I’m not familiar with the process and getting my head around the forum layout :).

I’m pretty available during the week and keen to stick my head into anything that speeds along my enabling of machine access so I can get to great projects and making good use of my membership.
As a newb here I feel like a 3rd thumb just now haha.

I’ve opened dates for:

Sliding Mitre Saw Bosch GCM12GDL

Thursday, March 9 · 5 - 6:30pm AEST