Inductions December 2020 Part 1

Hello people, I’m planning on giving the following inductions:

BandSaw induction: Saturday 19/12/2020 10 AM to 11 AM at the woodshop. 4 People max capacity. Attendees:

Router Table Induction: Tuesday 22/12/2020 6 PM to 7 PM. 4 people max capacity. Attendees:


  • Let me know who wants to come and we will update the names in this post.
  • You can contact me through this post or through the #woochop channel on discord (when you contact please let me know what’s your name on the forum and discord so i can keep the two updated correctly). .
  • For those of you who had reserved a place please know that the inductions will start sharp at the arranged time.


I’d like to put my name down for the Router Table, please.

Hi, I would like to attend the bandsaw and router induction please?

Hi , I would like to do both band saw and router table induction. Thanks

Hey there, all the places all filled for the two inductions now. Keep an eye for the next ones.

I’ll be updating this post later with the name of all participants.

This call for inductions is now closed (all booked).