Inductions on the older machines

Hey, I couldn’t find any information on inductions for some of the older woodworking machines - are there any sessions coming up soon? Cheers!

Hey there,

I’m happy to take you through an induction tour of most of our machines in the woodshop any tuesday, just come grab me :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind getting in on that. Depending on everyone’s plans, would it be worth setting a time and doing a few of us at once?

Say 8:30 tomorrow night (30/06/2017)?

Hmm. I need to run an induction or two on the table saw depending on interest and numbers.

I could start the first table saw induction at 6:30, finish 8, do the other induction tour thing at 8:15 or so, and then start the next table saw class at 8:30-9ish.

Ooohhh… to be fair, I’d prefer to jump in on a table saw induction, if there’s room.

if you’re busy with table saw inductions tomorrow night, I’d say just do those and not the other. I know how crazy Tuesday nights can be, even without inductions.

That’s just me though. Not sure on the demand for the other tool inductions.

Theres room. I’m not really solidifying them and talking about them loudly just yet cos I’m still finalising the material, so i generally collect people on the night.

I think after the next one or two we can formalise it more as the material will be pretty final.

Fair play. I’ll hope to make it for one tomorrow night then :slight_smile: