Infrastructure Meetup, 7pm 12th May

A meeting for all those involved in infrastructure at HSBNE.


When: 7pm, 12th May
Where: Burrito Bar Northshore Central, Unlimited Chilli Night!

Chairperson: ** Joshua H **
Secretary: ** Volunteer required **


  1. Should an infrastructure cause be formed.
  • Cause area: Server Room
  • Classes: Monthly induction on various infrastructure systems and their usage and upkeep
  • Members get access to server room
  • Cause budget can accelerate infrastructure builds
  1. Update and Planning: Existing Projects
  2. Surveillance System
    * Camera installation progress
    * Zonealarm configuration
    * Current blockers
  3. Security System
    * Netrol Installation progress
    • Doors
    • Interlocks
* Swipe In / Out
* Emergency Egress Buttons
* Blockers
  1. Alarm System
    * Current status
    * Outstanding work
    * Blockers
  2. Armoury
    * Report on current status
    * Planning session on how to progress
  3. Power Management
    * Current status
    * Planned works
  4. Online Assets
    * Brief overview
    * Decision if online infrastructure falls under the same banner as the other work.
  5. Future Planning
    * Setting milestones and deliverables for existing projects.
    * Identifying potential new projects

I’m keen to see you at this meeting if you’ve ever worked on an infrastructure project, this is as much as a ‘get everyone on one page and document things’ meeting as it is a ‘planning and deliverables’ meeting.

I hope that we can have this meeting monthly and use it to really keep these projects ticking along at HSBNE until we’re out of things to do!


For those following at home, I scheduled this originally for April, because apparently I have no concept of time or what month I’m in.

It’s next tuesday dudes.

Work pending I’ll be at this (Available 12 may, not the 19th but free after that)

Edit: Also down for an infrastructure cause, maybe we can put it towards bounties too?

Doesn’t look like I’m going to make it in tonight so here’s my input.

So far most of the cameras are installed (only missing ones where they are replacing existing cameras), and there’s ethernet to every location. We’re still waiting on the PoE gear, being injectors, pigtails and power supplies.

Zoneminder wise, there’s still some fiddling to do. All the cameras are added, and I can get motion detection working, though it likes to record all the time anyway. Going to have to work out how to optimise it to use less memory and CPU though, was chilling at 4GB RAM usage for two cameras at one point.

Current blockers: PoE gear and time/Zoneminder magics.

We were going to put in a networked (space wide) power meter which was budgeted for, however this turned out to be more trouble than I anticipated, with our power cables being bigger than the sensors could fit over. Can get bigger sensors, just adds to the price.

Should be replacing the high bays in the warehouse with fluoros soon, will consume the same-ish amount of power, however will give us the opportunity to de-lamp fixtures to reduce usage.

Could do with some LED floodlights around the place to replace the current floodlights (namely in the quad), bit pricey.

PIR motion detection could also help decrease our usage due to lighting. Another pipe dream.


I arrived back today to find all this sitting under my desk. Will try and bring it in tonight.

I can get LED 50W floods IP65 for around $150 mark, if this brings our $1k power bill down I would say it’s worth the spend.

Is the big box of led arrays of any use at all? We have them already and they’re free… They also look like they’d be reasonably water resistant.

I kinda doubt it, from memory they’re pretty small. We’d be looking 50W-100W modules to replace the floodlights we have in the quad. Replacing those floods would only save us say $1 over the course of a Tuesday. Over a longer period, PIR’s around the place would probably constitute more savings.

On that note, are we still paying the bill given a couple of those lighting towers are on the meter? (and were used for Cirque)

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The electricity bill/s are still under negotiation with the landlord. We will be pointing out that we believe at least some of the circus lights were on our circuit. The last bill we recently got said we used approx $1300 worth in an approx 2 month period. I’m happy to show anyone the bill if u like.