Interest in classes on Docker / Git? Homeassistant?

It’s been suggested theres people keen to help out with infrastructure stuff but feel like they lack knowledge in some of the base tools.

If I ran some classes doing 101 intros to Git and Docker, would people be interested? Or some other tech, let me know in the replies.

  • Git
  • Docker
  • Other

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We’ve also been thinking about an intro to home assistant class, general home automation stuff. Please check all the items that interest you in the poll. The hope is that more people familiar with the tech, more people to help out with the space’s automation setup.

  • How to install and setup HomeAssistant
  • I want to cover zigbee devices, zigbee2mqtt
  • I want to learn about node-red
  • I want to go through installing and setting up ESPHome devices
  • I want to buy the hardware from the space as part of the class
  • I want to supply my own hardware

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If you’ve got specific requests, or more advanced class ideas you’d like to see, please let me know below. For example i could run an “Advanced SQL for HomeAssistant” class going through how to build more complex datamining on your sensor data.

One last question. Would you want to do these online over video chat, or would you want to do it in person at the space?

  • Online please!
  • In person at HSBNE is my preference

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