Interference Fit

So have a project that needs some stainless, but my welding is not the best, and it needs to be water tight.

Just had a play with an interference fit, went pretty good just for winging it.

Specs for test:

Stainless Pipe

Original ID = 22.45
Original OD = 25.35
Measured wall thickness = 1.5mm

Outside surface: Carbide tip, cuts well at 850 - 1600 rpm, low feed speed, cut depth carnt remember, chips where fine coils, tending to gold with faster speed.
Cut lenght = 15mm

Inside: HSS, boring bar. Speed, 850rpm, 0.05mm cut depth at first. Moved up to 0.1mm after a bit more confidence.
Cut lenght = 20mm

Used a oil for lubrication.
Chips got caught when boring, creating relatively large amounts of chatter.

Taper OD= 23.60
OD = 23.95

ID = 23.70

First tried to heat it with propane, forgot about the heat colourn and turned gold and blue. Got it to slip on, but bound up before fit. Got stuck at an angle.

Put it in the press and fit well, slight bulge at top due to misalignment.

Will try again using some fit charts.

Pics of final fit to come


I saw it on the bench, what required that fit?