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Update Post

I’m posting an update on this to let everyone know I’m working on running this class still and let people know the plans so far. The course will cover the topics covered in my previous post that I’ve replied to here.

The class will be a paid class which will allow us to provide a nice product by the end of the class with surplus proceeds going towards purchasing new equipment for the CNC to continue our goals in improving the metalshop. I will be allowing the public to join in the class, but HSBNE members will have access to an early sign on.

The outcome of the class will be a wax sealing stamp similar to the one pictured below. The stamp itself will be machined from brass round stock using a design that you will create during the class. Machining the part will require two setups: one to machine the custom design on the face and another to machine the curved back. We’ll provide a handle and sealing stamp wax as well so you get a nice take-home product that you can use or display. I’ve purchased the materials for a trial run of the project and I’ll post an update when I’ve completed that to hopefully set a date for the first class.


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Thanks Ryan for the update. Is this where we re-confirm our interest?

No need for that. I’m just letting people know that I’m working on getting the class going.

Words cannot express how excited i am for this

This is a great idea for the class. Something we might want to mention to our landlords?