Intro to CNC milling expressions of interest

I’ve had a couple people contact me about learning to use the CNC mill, or to have some parts made. I’m happy to arrange a Saturday where we do a session in the morning making a part in Fusion360 and generating toolpaths to cut in the afternoon. In this session I’m thinking we can work on making a single sided part with basic 2.5D milling. This will not serve as a induction to the mill, but will provide a pathway for it. The limit on this session would be 3 people. At the moment, I’m thinking the session will be paid with proceeds going towards buying some material for the class and a couple of extra end mills to work with. Let me know below if you’re interested.

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OMG Yes please this would be amazing, im currently trying to learn Fusion but have just hit a wall beacuse there is so much


I’m definitely interested. I’m pretty confident in CAD but know nothing about CAM!

This is my proposed outline:

Overview of CNC mill capabilities, cutting tools, workholding, etc (1hr)
Creating basic models in Fusion 360 (1hr)
Defining CNC machine and tools in Fusion 360 CAM (30min)
Generating toolpaths & reviewing (1hr)
Setting up CNC machine, defining offsets, inserting & removing tools, etc (30min)
Cutting parts created earlier (2hr)

As a disclaimer, the mill will be getting a new controller in the near future making the training on the current controller redundant. All of the concepts will be transferable but using the new controller will require additional training once it’s implemented.

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I’'m dead keen to do this. I’m proficient in fusion so happy to help people with the CAD part, but will be an avid student for all the CAM process.

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This would be truly epic. I’d be there without a doubt.

Can we not do it on the weekend of the 8th because I’ll be in Sydney

is keen if it runs next month when I can hopefully afford to be a member again.

I have several small CNC mills myself at home so am not a complete newb, but I have little experience with modern CNC mills of that size. (it does not have punch tape)

keen as a bean

Oh, keen as mustard.
I’ll be disappointed if I’m unavailable that day.

That sounds AWESOME! Definitely interested.

Yes definitely interested.

Sounds awesome. I’m keen as well… thanks!

Also interested, seems like well over three people :slight_smile: I have a design I have 3D printed that I want to mill from aluminium then anodise, it’s one of the main reasons I’ve renewed my membership.

The interest I’ve received in this is more than I was expecting. I’ll look into organising some pre-class content on the CAD side of things so we can run more people through the CAM and actual milling.

Definitely keen on this

@Ryan1 Ryan, you get the prize for getting the most responses to a proposal, both new members and old ones. Good luck with the course(s). :innocent:

I am keen also!

I’d been keen to join in when there’s a spot available. :slight_smile: