Invitation to run a monthly meetup at HSBNE

Hey Folks,

I’ve been thinking of simple/easy ideas for meetups we could run, say monthly, at the space. The idea would be to get more people using the space to a) get them aware of it, and b) help prove to the landlord that we’re doing an excellent job at site activation and capacity building.

Being able to prove that we’re meeting our site activation obligations, and demonstrating that we have a large amount of community engagement/capacity building activities are going to be critical when it comes to our next round of lease (and now rent) negotiations with the landlord in a few months.

I’ve got quite a bit of experience with running software development related meetups so I’m happy to help anyone who wants to get one up and running. The best format I’ve found is to have a general theme and run a short (30-60 min) workshop at the start, then provide snacks/light dinner and give people an hour or two to chat with each other, network, etc.

Current ideas I have:

  • Electric Vehicle Meetup - the idea would be to run it as basically a “meet and greet” so people can show off their vehicles (off the self or DIY conversions), talk about problems they’re facing, the latest EVs etc. We could also run a small demo/talk about an EV concept each month such as the technical differences between AC/DC charging, electrical infrastructure, etc.
  • Soldering and electronics meetup - basically spend a few hours with an open electronics cause with volunteer(s) on hand to help people with their projects. We could do a small demo/talk about a project that was worked on at HSBNE and how they did it, what challenges they faced, etc.
  • Raspberry Pi Meetup - another hackerspace (cchs in Melbourne) run one of these according to meetup. I imagine it would be quite successful too.
  • Random Tech Meetup - Some technology meetup that doesn’t exist in Brisbane yet. (ie say a Vue.js, ESP32/8266, micropython, etc. meetup) Maybe we could also just run a “Tech that’s hot right now” meetup :joy:.
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Also another thing we could do, is give any member who wants to run a public meetup a set budget to allow them to run a few FB ads, buy some snacks, etc. This greatly increases attendance/retention and is pretty cheap to do. We can work out specifics later if people are interested in doing something like this, but if we do, something like say $10 + $1 for each person signed up for the event might work. This would allow an organiser to buy some chips, maybe order a few $5 pizzas, etc.

I can run a game development meetup

That could be cool!