Is the Laser Cutter operational?

Hi guys, just wondering if the laser cutter is still out of action?

It’s still out of action unfortunately. I believe most of the new parts have arrived so it hopefully shouldn’t be too long. I know @crofty was working on it last night.

I was hoping to be able to use the laser cutter for a particular project I am working on for a fundraising event, which needs to be completed by the 9th November.

I was hoping to use the laser cutter to engrave some writing and an emblem onto wooden bricks.

I would be most grateful for any assistance with the following questions:

  1. A rough idea when the machine may be operational again?
  2. What format/program do I need to use?
  1. Having never used a Laser Cutter before would i be able to get inducted to use the machine, or could someone assist me with the cutting?

Thank you so much in advance!

I don’t have an eta, hopefully @crofty can give you an estimate. You should find the laser cutter page on our wiki and have a read through. It should answer most of your questions This advice also applies to all tools/machinery you’d like to use.