Is there a spoke wrench? (Project invitation: electrical bicycle)

Hi. I am going to work on making an electrical bicycle next Tuesday (23th). I got this electric bike conversion kit. One tool missing is a spoke wrench, the thing to skew spokes onto the weel. Anyone seen one anywhere? I also need to buy a tire, shop recommendation welcome:)

Pushys in Salisbury is great value but if you only need a couple things then maybe a local shop might be best. I’m actually about to start working on an electric bike at the space too. (Haven’t created a topic yet). Also, I can bring my spoke spanner tonight and next tuesday, its only a basic one but should do the job.

How about bringing your bike to work on it together next Tuesday? I believe it will be a days work on my side, so I’ll start in the morning; but you can join much later. I can work on the spokes later.

Or, if you are a member and be so kind to lend it to me you can also leave the spoke spanner in “Samuel H”'s white box with red/brown cover in the member storage room, and pick it up from there next week. Without a ‘matured’ driver’s licence it’s a bit of endeavour for me to visit anywhere to get things:)

I asked two Brisbane bike retailers last year when I pass by and they said they don’t do anything related to electric bike and can’t fix them if they are broken. Maybe they see it as non-elegant and a competition? That leaves the dirty work to our own hands.

I own two spoke wrenches.
You can borrow one off me.
What size tire?

Is the spoke wrench still needed?

I also have some experience building hubs into wheels if you need a hand with that

Thank you andrewm and Bean. I didn’t reply because I fell ill. Today is the last day, I am almost fully recovered, will try to join the Tuesday social night but can’t be there working for the day as I planned.

Thanks andrewm! I can really make use of your experience:) I accepted an email offer for a commission to go to China (Shenzhen) next week and will be back in a few months, then I’ll continue my little spoke project. I’ll message you when I am back to learn a few things from you. I will buy spoke wrench in China, no longer need to borrow:)

I’ll post seperately on HSBNE to see if anyone need me to do anything in Shenzhen. The city is the 1st production city in China, produces everything.