ITT: We break and unbreak a printer

Hi all,
Just letting you all know that the herringbone gear on Alan’s printer has borked.
As such, we no longer have any functioning printers at the HSBNE.
I will bring in a spare gear from my printer and see if I can print a few spares in case this happens again.

Peace out!


chang-Yi is printing replacements. Yay! chang-Yi.

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Ah shoot, I’ve already installed the replacements and printed out a few parts.
The firmware will need reflashing though as the gears are of a different ratio, but I don’t think this design will fail for a while.

Here is the replacement


Thx for sorting out the issues so quickly. As a secondary note why’d you decide to go with a 3 poke design? I’d have though that something more like 12 would give wore even flex\support to the gear face…

Now that the printer is operational again, can this thread be renamed or something? :slight_smile:

Done :slight_smile: Keen to see all the other printers up and running now! :stuck_out_tongue:

I almost got one of the other space printers (in the laser cutter room) working last night. It’s essentially ok but the heating up is a bit flaky… the plug leading to the hot end is sus …wiggling it make the heating better/worse … and when trying to heat the heated bed and nozzle at the same time the power supply struggles badly.
It needs a good PC power supply preferably 400w or more, and maybe solder the dodgy connector up.
I think that’s essentially it.

I might have an old PC power supply to donate - just one of the generic ones that comes with cases but if it does the trick it’s yours.

I’ll check tonight and let you know what the ratings on its rails etc are

That… Ahhh would be fantastic… If you still have it…

Whoa, missed this sorry. I still have it if you’re interested should be plenty:

That’s not specifically my one, but it’s got the same model number and all the rails seem to match

All good, drop it off in the Digital Fabrications room (where the laser cutter is) when ever you can.

Just purchased a Merlin head to get Alan’s printer up and running

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What happened to Alan’s printer? It’s head is missing.

The hot end failed, I think Zap bought parts to fix it if your thinking of doing the work.

Are any 3D printers working at the moment?

As far as I know, only my printer is working, and you will need pronterface to interface with it.

Chang Yi informed me that there should be multiple hot ends available at the space. I will head over there tonight to install a new head and extruder motor driver