Jaimyn's Laser

So I’ve bought in my laser that was gathering dust at home because I didn’t have anywhere to set it up. My intention with this machine is to get it to a point where (competent/inducted) members can use it without being directly supervised as the 4 laser supervisors can’t always be around. This probably means a set material/thickness and speed/power settings and capacitive touch interlock. (so you can’t wander off) I cleaned up digifab a bit and made some room. Currently it’s sitting on the bench next to the computer.

There is a long list of things that need to be done taped on the front. If you want to help out, reply here, @mention me on slack or text me (number should be on note on the machine).

Here is a non exhaustive list of things that need doing that I’ll try to keep updated:

> New bed made - current one has a slight bend in the sheet
Need a block that goes under the top sheet, must be perfectly level
Need a new top sheet out of something metal/laser proof

> Case and Access Interlocks - currently it has no interlocks
Access Interlock on power supply
Safety interlocks on case

> Make it so laser can’t escape machine
Seal up air vents in left side (while allowing air to enter)
Get some some really thick acrylic/laser proof material for see through panel on lid

> Arduino mega setup
Arduino should be wired correctly
Modified ramps firmware needs to be reconfigured/flashed

> Calibration - all the mirrors etc need to be readjusted and recalibrated
Once everything above is complete everything must be calibrated
Mirrors, the lense and the focus must be calibrated

> Proper cooling system (optional)
Current system uses frozen 1.25L bottles to cool reservoir
Could potentially hook up to existing cooler

> Proper dust extractor system

> Documentation/Induction process
I’d prefer to sort this out with current laser supervisors
Suggestions welcome


Last night I used a microswitch I found lying around and made a proper lid interlock. When opened, it interrupts the laser on switch which means the laser can’t fire. Please ignore the random items being used as a choc, I’ll 3D print a proper one next time I’m there.

Interlock pic:
Google Photos

This morning I’ve been working on some air intake/air filter shrouds at uni. The first one turned out really well so I’ll make another and install them soon.

Intake/filter shroud:
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Last night I installed the air intake/filter shrouds on the sides of the machine. I also got a bit of MDF that was the perfect size and attached it to the inside of the laser chamber, this coupled with the new shroud means the laser can’t escape the laser chamber through the side anymore. The sheet has enough space under it to allow air to flow in but completely covers all the gaps. That spare fish pump filter used in the red laser was put on the air intake.

Google Photos
Google Photos


If you need any little parts made that you cant make yourself, or just help making it yourself, give me a yell.


Will do! Cheers :slight_smile:


If you need ant T slot extrusions we have some off cuts available occasionally

Groglet - I think many projects at tthe space generally would get value out of “T-slot offcuts”… maybe just chuck any unwanted bits over (say) 20cm or so in a bucket , and bring the bucket to the space at some point… it can be scavenged over and any remaining bit can go in the “boneyard” ( recycling centre) , and they’ll definitely be used.