Job offer: Tech help interactive art

Hi All, Exec have received the offer below, please email Tine directly if you’d like to be part of this awesome-sounding project!

Hello Hackspace in Brisbane - from Tarim Hackspace member in Bristol UK and Tine Bech, Artist

Please can you help? Post the below - or tell us where we can post it? Thank you!

Tine Bech Studio is looking for a looking for a friendly technologist to join us and help setup up the interactive playful art installation Colour Me Beautiful showing at Curiocity Brisbane from 12 to 28 March 2021 - Skills required:

  • Ability to work with Linux - Being able to boot Linux from a USB stick (or download) - be at home with editing files; running programs etc.
  • Ability to configure a phone sim dongle; configure a second screen and that kind of thing.
  • Good at problem solving and collaboration - taking responsibility to help ensure the artwork runs well.
  • Can work flexible hours. You will be talking to a UK team in a different timezone.

You will help setup the technical framework to allow us to control the artwork remotely. You will be working both off and onsite at Southbank Brisbane. Paid work - Payment to be agreed.

Please contract us for more info:

Tine Bech:


All the Best


– I am dyslexic and Danish - emails can go wrong - please ask if anything is unclear.