Job opotunity for the right person

We got a message today through our meetup page from a person looking the right person to employ.
It seems to be for this television series:

Here the text we received (Email address and name removed):

hello Luke

My name is XXXXXXXXX, I run a professional team that researches and films at locations.

reason for my contacting you all is that i had no idea where else to
turn to and i found a website with your contacts ion it so i am taking a
chance one of you may be able to offer some help.

Our team needs to URGENTLY find a person who is fantastic at creating and making devices… Now these will be hand held size.

They will be specific for our field. I cannot say what it is exactly what we do as yet for privacy but it involves television.

There will be huge opportunities for the right person - globally.

need to find a person who is creative and thinks outside the square and
can work from scratch. I tell what we need and they could design and
create the item. Once again for the right person there are huge

We need to locate a person ASAP.

Should you or anyone that you know could fit this, please could they email me asap. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Thank you for your time

Kind Regards


If you should be interested in this, please email the exec for the contact information.