John's Tool and Cutter Grinder

This is a project I have been working on (and off) for a couple of years. Among other things it has given me a chance to get my machining skills back after a longish break.

It really is home-brew. The carriage is a piece from a SEIG X2 mini-mill. Here is a photo of it with the single point tool holder and a diamond wheel.

The head goes up and down, tilts and rotates. Here shown with the ER32 collet holder for doing the front of end mills.

And finally, here is the machine grinding the secondary relief on a 20mm end mill. The fancy bellows are in place in this shot.

So, what is the project now? Well, with tools like this rigidity is almost everything, and sufficient power is almost everything else. My next step are to step up to an Abbott and Ashley 150mm grinder, replace the lift/tilt mechanism and bold the whole thing to a, say, 13mm steel plate.

After that, I will make the slides to do the spiral edges of mills, drills and the like.

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Awesome project mate!

Nice work. I admire you for just going out and making something rather than just following someone else plans.