Josh's HSBNE Tinkering

I figured it might be a good idea to just log somewhere when I get up to various hackerspacey things. I wholly encourage other contributing members to make their own threads if they’re keen :smile:

So I’ve made some minor but important changes to the website, mainly around meeting notes.


  • Changed the meeting note format so its easier to fill out
  • Made the meeting note page cleaner to read
  • Made the meeting note list display a sort of ‘notes health’ so you can tell how good the notes are at a glance.

The Icons display when important details are missing, hover over them for more information. In order, they’re for: description, open time, close time, member list, author and signatory.

These details now show up in the meeting notes on a sidebar:

Hopefully this will result in better meeting notes :smiley:

On another note, I’ve contacted 4 or so businesses that show up in a google search for ‘bulk drill bits australia’ to see if we can get an account, as a result of this thread:

Hopefully we can get an account with someone thats reasonably priced so we can have literal buckets of these things around the place.

Huh, I just realised that we never ended up publishing the approved safe space policy. I’ve just done so:

The latest dispute policy is correct on the website. The rules are being sent off to the Office of Fair Trading soon hopefully, so once they’re approved I will publish the new version on the website.

Hey Josh the safespace.html is coming up with a 404 error for me

Hey @crofty, thanks for the heads up. Turns out I pushed to one location
and not the one that mattered! I’ve just sorted that out and the link works
now. :slight_smile:

So some new stuff!

  • Luke and I have written a draft of a new cause policy, look for a forum thread soon!
  • I’m pretty close to having the new version of this forum redeployed, hopefully in the next week or two.

Oh, and I totally updated the rules on the website, so they’re correct and up to date as definitely for sure the ones approved by the office of fair trading. wooo! (it’s only been like, a year or more)

We have adwords linked up to our google analytics and webmaster tools now, and all these things are happily configured under a account (which feeds to mailing list (of which I’m the only member presently))

I’ve given @riumplus access to these things also :smile: If you too would like to work with us on adwords, just ask and I’ll give you access.

As well as this I’ve updated all the backend stuff on the website, fixed up some meeting notes and moved us to a different sitemap generation method which should be a bit better.

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