June 2nd, 3D printer talk @ Byron Bay

Open Civilisation is leading up to our 3 day Byron Bay 3D printer course in July - first we are going to run a seminar on June 2nd with Triffid from the rep rap forums.

The first seminar is intended as a primer for people who want to learn more about where to start, so while most of the people on this list probably know a lot about the technology you may know others that are curious but not sure where to start.

We will cover the process from modelling to printing over the evening (we will probably make a surf board fin). I’m going to talk about open source hardware and it playing a key role in how humanity can grow. Triffid will also be able to answer some questions about how to tune printers to get better results from them as well.

Here’s an image of our frame for the Prusa based Rifrap.

Richard’s frame is CNC cut from composite Aluminium and Delrin, and the frame is strong enough to take a persons body weight on top of it. It is perfect for travel without having to calibrate after a journey. Being all snap into place, the planes are perpendicular without any messing around. We will be releasing free documentation on the build after we run the course in July.

For those curious, our current BOM is here-

If anyone has some suggestions to improve upon our current suppliers on that BOM I’d love to hear too!

If theres enough interest in the actual build, we could run another workshop in Brisbane afterwards.


I would very interested in a calibration workshop in Brisbane where I can bring my own machine and spend the day working through all the calibration methods with the oversight of your experience, but I can’t exactly afford another machine/justify one when I already own one.

We are just doing builds at Byron Bay at this stage in tandem with our future development of the Rifrap/Prusa.
People can attend the next build without buying a system on July 17th for 3 Days.

We could probably do a 1 day calibration workshop a month after that though if enough are interested. If we got to 10 people in Brisbane and had a space to do it we could look at driving up there though and do a 8-10 hour day on it.