Kickstarter Rewards Discussion!

Hi Guys,

Here is the link of the “offline” Kickstarter page.
I still have a bit to do (extra text and pictures needed) however I would like to start a discussion on the different rewards we can offer. Have a look at what I am suggesting and feel free to propose more rewards or alternatives. The goal is to provide great rewards that backers will enjoy by spending as little time and money as possible.


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I would remove the trial membership as this may discourage people coming in
and checking us out. Just make it 1st months membership or something.

I would also put a clause in for approved names for classroom and cutter
and stuff. EG you can’t call the classroom something offensive like the
“Microsoft H8rs Lab” and put a time limit of 1 year on the name.

For our “opening party” are you going to charge general public to the event
? Maybe sell vip tickets with refreshment area?

O and you put the opening day on a thursday is this on purpose sat would
be better

Selling membership as a Item could be a bad idea,
We need to vet the members first and go through a induction before accepting a member.

Having someone “Rock up” with their newly purchased membership and in the unlikely case where their application is rejected I see flames…

Food for thought…

The membership reward is a delicate matter. On one side it is the best way to raise money. On the other side, you can’t control who comes in. A trial membership would mean that one will not have voting rights for that period and, at the end of the month, if he/she wants to continue, then the process of making him/her a full member may commence. The number is also limited to 50 at the moment.
As for the full year membership, it is limited to only 5 people and would mean a total of $2,750 which would be very handy for the space.
The date for the opening party is yet to be defined. Everybody attending, (even the people organising the event) should pay the ticket to support the space. There will be great food and music. !

And yes I will add a clause indicating that all names for equipment/classroom will be subject to HSBNE’s approval.

The main problem I see with the trial memberships aside from the voting aspect is that it appears we’d be giving them 24/7 access which is more than enough for someone to donate online, rock on in and rock on out with all of our kit.

Additionally, having trial or casual memberships went down like a tonne of bricks last time it was raised to the membership - and these trial memberships will have to be voted on by the membership.

There’s a few not entirely correct bits of info on the campaign but I’m at work so I’ll outline those when I’m at home.

Make HSBNE the best Hackerspace in Australia

Make HSBNE a great Hackerspace?
Great, better, hard, stronger?

Do not like “best in australia”.


HSBNE Inc is Australia’s first Hackerspace, and one of the physically biggest in the world. We operate as an Incorporated Not-for-profit club, and we’re funded by Membership fees, donations and grants . We use this money to provide and improve our Port Hack Campus, as well as purchase tools and machinery for the benefit of our members and the community.

This reads painfully, need’s a reword. I’ll take a stab at it later.

We have a diverse group of people interested in: programming, electronics, firmware, software, RC vehicles, UAV’s, cars, mechatronics, robotics, 3D printing, PCB-etching, metal-casting, woodworking, and more.

does kickstarter support dot points?

What will you find at the new HSBNE?

is it really new? it’s been around for over 18 months. would say “This is HSBNE” or something to that effect.

Building 1 (clean Building)

I would classify this is the “main building” by definition all our buildings should be as clean as practicably possible.

The green room: here is where most of our members come together. You will be able to find a variety of hand tools, 3D printers, soldering irons, oscilloscopes, laser cutters and pcb etchers.

Dot Points, again. Also, computers, CNC Routers, work benches.

Classroom: once organised, the classroom will be able to accommodate up to 30 people and will allow regular workshops to take place. The classroom also doubles as a green screen room. A useful tool for any film or photography enthusiast.


Member Storage: this is a locked to non-members room available for members to store their tools and projects.

Has audit logs, is under video surveillance.

Also, you missed the games room, co-working rooms, server room.

Building 2
The Boneyard: HSBNE stores some of its donated goods in a room known as the boneyard. Members are free to scavenge the boneyard for components by leaving a gold coin donation.

What now? Gold coin donation? Since when?
And, “some of it’s donated goods”?
This needs a re-write.

Building 3

You missed the blacksmiths, completely, since they are active, and have a designated area, they should probs gets a look in? no?

Woodworking: Our woodworking focus is nascent, but we have an entire room devoted to it, as well as some tools: saws, dust extractors etc.

I consider myself good at english and had to google, nascent. This reads badly, not sure why.

Breaker Room: Set aside for project assembly and general use, this houses our 1ton, 1m2 3-phase Kiln.

Also has work benches.

Metalworking: This is our best equipped room. It holds 2 lathes, a manual mill, metal bandsaw, linisher, and welding equipment.

Is it? it “houses” not holds imo.

Also, more on this, a one liner doesn’t do it justice (or any of the other rooms for that matter).

The Warehouse: The warehouse is our giant, general purpose room. It holds our 2 ton Gantry, block-and-tackle, and our full sized car grease trap.

And our huge printer, cuter, laser, burner table thing.

Ill hit the goals in my next post.

Also, not a single “hacked” thing here, some, if not all of these should get a look in:

Welcome Centre
Server Room
Security System
Door System
Vending Machines
Tool Armoury

Also, giving out naming rights of the 3 buildings might be an option?

I would say i stand on the side of not giving out membership, we have clear cut induction process in place, lets stick to that.

An honour roll or similar, a laser etched piece of Acrylic or metal somewhere with funders might be a perk people would like?


Time on the laser

anyway. just my thoughts.

Looking good though! it’s a great start. I do like the video also.



What if for the trial membership we only allow access on Tuesday nights? 4 times in one month = $12.5 for each afternoon.

Yes we do and should continue to do so.

trial membership is not within the current rules/policies. If you wish to
change the rules, that’s an entirely different matter. I suspect it’s
just easier to tell people that “they can come along on a tuesday, as the
first 3 visits are free”, which is what the rule/s currently say.

anyone can rock up for as many tuesdays as they want (in reality, its not
policed or tracked)

if we change this, it might work then i guess?

Currently it is Free If you want to change it as a financial decision you
would need to raise it at a meeting and vote on it.

Encouraging people to come and join as members is more important than
charging them for it.

Maybe sell tour tickets at $1 per person for private tour that may get
people through the door.

Are you allowed to charge for something that is free anyway?

That could work, except Tuesday night is a public open night and I think
the new prospective members might object to paying to attend an open to the
public event :slight_smile:

That’d be cutting off our nose to spite our face. We have the open nights
to allow potential members to get a feel for the space and its ethos.

Making those invite only/paid would screw with our recruiting via word of
mouth which is by far our largest import.

I guess the distinction you could make is that if you come on a Tuesday night to have a look and chat to some people then it should be free. If on the other hand you are working on a project and are using the space’s tools and equipment then it would be reasonable to pay something.

how about “you are welcome to wander around at no cost, please touch
nothing. If you’d like a 30 minute tour and to be introduced to all the
cool people currently wandering around, then it’s only $60, and comes with
a free 1 month membership”. ? :slight_smile:

I thought we were trying to avoid giving out memebership?

Lets rephrase it to limited access to the space. Not membership. This might only be an option for the Kickstarter campaign. This Kickstarter reward can be a trial and if it works then we will continue using this method in the future.

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