Kickstarter Video (NEED FEEDBACK)

Hi guys, Victor has been working closely with our editor and she has gotten back to us with a video.
It looks amazing, however we are still able to edit it. PLEASE! Tell us what you think, and where you think it can be improved so we can have it done by Monday.

The password on the link is: HSBNE

ENJOY! :smiley:

  • There are a couple of places where Victor stutters ever-so-slightly, which I would expect could be dubbed over fairly easily.
  • All through the video we’re referred to as “the Brisbane hackerspace” – shouldn’t we be going by “Hackerspace Brisbane”?
  • There was one shot of Victor monologuing where a member walks into shot and backs out (not realising he was out of focus), which I found amusing.

I like it :smile:

  • I agree with @LuminousElement, branding wise and if you read our media guidelines we should always refer to ourselves as HSBNE. Its a minor but important problem that our name is never mentioned in the video.
  • Victors a reasonably good spokesperson, and I totally get its a hard job to be in front of the camera like that, but he speaks very haltingly. I’m not sure what the answer is there.

It’s a great, well edited video and all involved should be proud.

Thanks for comments guys.
In relation to the name Brisbane Hackerspace, I guess it’s my bad -_- . I have always said it that way and wrote it that way (it does flow better when you say it out loud ;). That said, I do realize that Hackerspace Brisbane is the standard name used. Unfortunately this issue was not raised during filming night. In any case it shouldn’t be much of an issue, if you Google Brisbane Hackerspace you are directed to the right websites. Since one planned modification to the video, will be the addition of some text, it will be possible to add HSBNE somewhere in the video that way.

As for the spoken part, yeah it could have been better, but, long day+ camera in your face + last minute change in speakers = no Oscar nomination. That said, a little bit of extra editing and it should be better.
Keep the comments and suggestions going!

I’ll say it again just to clarify. Our name is HSBNE, we rarely if ever use any long form.

Is there any opportunity to shoot more film or has that ship sailed?

We will add HSBNE in writing wherever possible. Not a problem.

Lemming commented on the google group:

The URL at the end of the video really needs to be much simpler.

If someone embeds the video in a page, or on some mobile platforms, they
won’t get a clickable link with the video, so you want to make it as
easy as possible to transcribe the link into the browser.

Other than that, looks pretty fucking awesome.

For clarification, I don’t mean to sound overly critical. I do like the video; as previously mentioned, it’s well-edited, there’s a good mix of “work” and “play” shots, and it flows nicely.

Even if you are the nicest person and love the video, being critical is the only way to make it better :slight_smile: so don’t worry about it :wink:

As for the URL, that has been noted. That web address is actually the offline kickstarter page so it will be replaced with

Keep it up :slight_smile:

Looks pretty good - great job guys. Nice to see lots of familiar faces in the video - the way you included lots of activities rather than just a talking head worked well.

Dumb question - but what is with the N the other way around in HSBNE on the video thumbnail?

Yep … Tiny blooper :wink: I’m about to head back to Australia soon. Can’t wait to polish a few things and get this campaign started :slight_smile: