Lack of respect for the electronics area


On Tuesday afternoon the electronics bench was spotless. Nothing was left out and it was completely clean of debris. Yet again, by the end of the night tools were left out and it hadn’t been cleared of wire off cuts, etc. I also constantly find mess amongst the shelves, power supplies left on, etc.

Every single time without fail, that I come in to use the electronics bench, it is cluttered with tools that haven’t been put away and is full of debris like wire off cuts etc. It’s reached a point were I’m going to start avoiding coming in to use it. It is extremely frustrating to have to clean up someone else’s mess literally every time I need to use it. The next time I see someone leave the bench in an unacceptable state I’ll be pushing hard for a ban because there is absolutely no excuse, and obviously our current ding system is not getting the message across.

If someone who is as involved in the space and motivated as me has reached this point, I can only imagine what it’s like for newer members or less frequent users who come in to use the electronics area.