Hey All,

In 2016 i’d like to start running a monthly LAN in the class room out of the space.

Just a quick post to ask about any objections and to gauge interest?




Keeeeeeeeeeeeen as a bean.

Its generally encouraged to do these things:
-Charge non-members a bit more than members
-Make sure non-members are fully supervised by at least 1 responsible member
-give 10% or more of any profit to the treasurer to cover electricity etc
-leave it clean
-write a small announcement/ blurb and post it to forum,website blog,facebook grp, calendar, etc… others know how to do this, so ask…eg Mike.
-did I forget anything?


Anyone can post to the forums or submit a blog entry to our website, but I can assist with getting something on our other feeds like Facebook/Meetup etc (if someone else doesn’t beat me to it… I’m looking at you @sjpiper145 and your super-quick wizardry ways! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ).

Note that the air-conditioners in the classroom do work, but I haven’t insulated the ceiling of the classroom yet (I was prioritising getting the Green Room done). Because of all the extra heat load from gaming computers, I would recommend completing the insulation before running the LAN in there. I don’t think the AC units in there can handle an uninsulated room on a hot Summer’s day filled with computers. Doing the classroom is a single afternoon’s worth of effort though and I can probably make sure it’s completed before your event if you give me a date to work towards. Anyone is welcome to beat me to it and do the installation themselves though! :wink:


Soooooo keen. I saw a couple more of those exhaust fans, we could probably hook them up temporarily if heat becomes an issue.

What’s our network infrastructure like with regard to QoS and bandwidth limitations etc? Often people especially non members get carried away with fast internet and decided to download their whole stream library

I have a “LAN Kit” which I use to run LAN parties with ~10 switches and 5-10 routers.

All participants are rate limited/shaped/QOS’d and given a quota.

The LAN will be it’s own network.

I also will need to push to get our NBN installed so that i can pay for a separate internet connection on a separate UNI-D port for the LAN.

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Draft pricing I have set at $10 for HSBNE/Endurance LAN members and $15 for all off the street randoms.

Would rather pay a set hire fee, with power usage happily accounted for than just a sweeping 10%.

Will happily pay for cleaning/clean up after event, do it at all other venues.

Also happy to not sell my drinks/food stuffs and direct attendees to use all the HSBNE vending machines for drinks/lollies etc etc.

announcements/marketing all easy done.


What formal things are required for me to book this in?

none. just be sensible… eg try to pick a date/time that’s not going to interfere with other advertised classes/events, and make sure your event date/time is widely known, so no-one else accidentally does the same to you. otherwise, see my previous post.

Examples include posting on the forum, sending an email to the forum mailing list, and announcing it at the next Tuesday night meeting.

Hi Ben,

It would be great if you could email me at with the dates, times and details of the event so we can book you in. I can also arrange to advertise on our various networks on facebook, MeetUp etc. if you are interested.