Landlord Update

We had a meeting with the Landlord and site manager last Tuesday.

The amendments to the lease have been reviewed and sent back to their lawyer to update, we should have copy back on Wednesday 28th. Key amongst the revisions was linking the conditions from the Terms agreement, signed previously, and this lease document. There were some other clarifications regarding access

We have an expectation on the timeline of the EOI

  • End of July - Initial release
  • End of August - responses due
  • September - result announcement.

The long running draining and flooding issue in the quad is being assessed by a new set of engineers and a new design might be coming out soon. No ETA has been set.

Extinguishers have been inspected and are now compliant.

The waste contractor has changed. They are now supplying two mid size general waste and one recycling. Collection should be the start of each week ongoing. There have been some issues, but this has been worked out now.

We provided an update on some of our activities:

  • Partnering with local artists and have agreed to an artist residency
  • In discussions with local woodworking training providers and a referral program
  • Woodshop is planning an open day
  • In discussions with the robowars regarding workspace and event location

The fortnightly Site Strategy meetings are ongoing, the next one is Sunday 2 July from 10am