Large Project Proposal: Van Conversion

Hi Everyone :slight_smile: My Name is Chloe and I am a fresh face to the HSBNE community as of yesterday YAY! I am hoping to complete a large project on-site - a van build. Being a bit of a travel addict, that is currently barred from traveling overseas with COVID19, I thought perhaps I should explore my homeland down under, hence I bought a van. My plan is to travel around Australia both rural and urban delivering sustainability workshops to schools while finishing up my Masters of Climate Change Policy at ANU on the road.

Size: I bought at 2020 Peugot Boxer, that I have named Hope. It is 5.9m long.
Cost: $0 as I would never ever leave my brand new car behind. But if in the case of my death or kidnapping towing costs would be around $150
Timeline: There are two answers to this, the hopeful 1month answer and the realistic 2-month answer. I am only looking to complete the basic shell including the roof (solar, fan etc), sound deadening, insulation, flooring, walls, before heading off to travel for a bit. Full disclosure: I am one of those people that has never really touched a power tool is their life time, and has decided to build a van as their first project, so either crazy or delusional, the jury is out on that one. Only time will tell if I sink or swim… but I’m a great swimmer and a quick learner. I would love to start ASAP.

Thanks for your consideration :slight_smile:

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Hey Chloe- just to check, is this something you’ll be driving on/off site, or something that’ll be parked for the two months? Because if it’s the second, we need to get landlord approval! :smiley:

Hi Emily, I would prefer the second in the long term, but in the mean time I could drive it on and off site while waiting for approval, if that works for you?

That works for all! And I just thought of something else: are you okay with copy/pasting your post in our email to CBRE (property managers) and EDQ (State dept that owns the place)? Saves a bit of Chinese whispers. :slight_smile:

of course no problem at all

I don’t want to burst anyones bubble, but the last request was denied from the landlord based on the works to site they want to do, so I would say that a large project request at the moment has a very, very high chance of being denied, until the site changes finish.

Sorry should clarify, this is regarding storing the van onsite. if you drive it in/out to work on it then you’re all good. Landlord is only involved if we require outside storage.

If this is the case we should probably update the relevant policy on the website to explain this as it would be disappointing for new members to find this out after signing up. We don’t need a vote to add a little disclaimer like this to warn people as we’re not actually changing the policy. If the exec want to flick through some wording I am happy to add it to the page as I know you guys are busy. :slightly_smiling_face:

Feel free to do a PR, I’m sure you’ll have fine wording.

FWIW I’m still happy to ask if people want, I’m just pretty sure what the answer will be.

It would be great if we could try, but I appreciate the transparency and setting of expectations. Would it still be fine to do a drive on and off scenario if the permanent scenario is not accepted?

That is perfectly fine. No approval is required if you don’t store it on site. Feel free to turn up tomorrow and start working :wink:. In fact @Nathalie and fletcher are currently working on a van and that is exactly what they do.

It might help the case with the landlord for on site storage approval if the vehicle will stay moveable the entire time - ie if need be it could be taken offsite temporarily. Maybe worth adding that to the request @Pommygirl, @devians, if that is the case @ChloeD?

Oh perfect, some people to go through the painful and patience testing exercise that is a van build with.

Yes @jaimyn that is the case, the van could be moved at any time, and my schedule is very flexible so can move with probably 12 hours notice.

@Pommygirl would I be able to leave some construction materials on sight? Even while moving the van on and off sight daily

Yep, as long as you Green ticket them so they don’t go walkabout :wink:

Hi Chloe,
This is one of my ‘bucket list’ projects - I’d love to come along and watch and help as your project progresses from start to finish - if that’s OK :slight_smile:

@Straykat that would be amazing! Any and all help or even just company is more than welcome :smiley:

Hopefully I managed to start a ‘conversation’ with you on Discord to keep in touch - you can always email me as well :slight_smile:

Awesome project, I be keen to keep an eye on how you get along as I’m interested in doing something similar down the track. Van conversions are so awesome but also a LOT of work. I will keep an eye out when I’m in next but also I will be seeing you quite regularly!

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