Laser cut ribs (pottery tools)

I did my first laser cut tonight, with the help of Mike. I made some ribs, which are tools used in throwing pots, to shape them. I got the idea from this article which also explains what a rib is and what it’s for.

When I got home I tried them out and they worked quite well. I’ll continue to refine my shapes as I see what works best

As you can see I was able to make 2 very similar bowls. Normally that would take a lot of careful measuring, but with the ribs it was hardly any effort at all.


This looks great! Do you mind if we feature this on our facebook page?

Go for it.

I did a blog post on it too if you’d like to link through to it

Laser cut ribs There was an article on the ceramic arts network about using custom made ribs to make multiple pots in the same shape. In the article they say they cut them from plexiglass using a saw,...

Sounds great! Got a link?

I tried to link it before but it didn’t work very well when replying on my phone and it just linked to the photo instead.

This is the blog post

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