Laser Cutter Extractor Smokestack

Ok, so the idea’s been thrown around a bit and we really should discuss it on the forum so it’s more visible.

Right now, when you run the laser cutter and have the window open next to Digifab the fumes from the laser cutter come back in via that window.

It’s been proposed that to fix this, we should build a smoke-stack using some PVC pipe that is the right size. We’d also need to:

  • Cut a hole in the sheet of metal on top of the extractor box for the pipe
  • Cut the sheet to size and secure it to the extractor (probably silicone the edges to avoid vibration
  • Build a water trap using angles
  • Secure the pipe to the gutter so it doesn’t take off
  • Protect the pipe at the top so animals don’t get in

We already have the PVC pipe, but we need to get some angles to make a trap for water coming into the stack.

Is anyone keen to take this on or have suggestions on how to achieve it better?

Unsure how it connects to the pipe but if you were to use a tpiece instead of a 90 degree connection. U can then seal one side of the t piece with the propper cap or siliconed acrylic and place a tap or i trap on the bottom of that… -not sure if that is a clear description…

As an additional note, we may want to be wary sticking up exhaust stacks be it pvc or otherwise… they can attract attention and usually not the good sort…