Laser cutter supervisor

Hi I am a new member looking to laser cut a small item approx 200x300 on white acrylic board.
I have my design ready to go in inkscape and acquired some 4mm acrylic sheet.
Are any supervisors available between now and sunday? (I live close buy so I can probably come in anytime)
Also if anyone can suggest a better place to post this or a better way of contacting the laser cutter supervisors please let me know.
Also willing to lend a hand or source materials in exchange for your help

It’ll have to be someone other than me; I’m out of town for the next couple of weeks. Sorry!

The #digifab channel on our slack is also a good place as that’s where most of the laser supervisors hang out. @crofty, @nogthree and @riumplus are the other three laser cutter supervisors. If none of them can make it in PM me on slack and I might be able to help you out.

Thanks guys will see if I can raise anyone on slack

hello guys, im not at slack, so trying my luck here. Will any of lasercutter supervisors available next week? I spoke with James, he is away. I wanted to cut my last rc plane before baby is born (and i will be denied to leave the house). Its not my first cutting, so i know how to prepare my files. Its mainly 1.5mm ply and 3mm balsa. Thank your for your help. Martin

I’d help here, but I’m not a supervisor yet. :slight_smile:

Things are a bit quiet around this time of year, but normally there’s more than one of us around at the regular Tuesday open nights. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I should be in on Tuesday evening.

Thank you, i will try to come 630pm. Hopefully i will be able to finish data files by then.


Any chance you have 1.5mm ply lying around? Just found out im little short. I will try to get some over lunch break.

Sort of related: is the ply specifically suitable for laser cutting? I found only one supplier of ply in Brisbane suitable for laser cutting, prior to finding a bamboo ply supplier on the Sunshine Coast

Last time we cut it, there was no problem. Ply from Hobbyrama (bit
expensive, but i was not able to find any other source of thin sheets -
0.5, 0.8, 1, 1.5mm).

Bamboo ply sounds interesting. Do you have some extra bits? What thickness?

Ahh yeah, Hobbyrama is where I got the older stuff I was using from.

The bamboo ply came from Bamboo Australia in Belli Park, cuts beautifully and quite strong. The downside is it’s fairly expensive at $140 for a whole sheet at 4mm thick. I might have some smaller pieces still available, I won’t know until I look at what I left at the Space though.

Thank you for that info.
$140 would make building plane quite expensive. But definitely sounds good.

Anyone would be willing to babysit my cutting of Yak-3 plane? Took me while to get another sheet of plywood after last uncusefull print. Today is my last free Tuesday. I’m taking my laptop to double check cutting dimensions (as files imported from illustrator are in wrong scale). but should be correct this time.