Lathe and Wood Sourcing

Hi Everyone!

I’ve just joined HSBNE recently and loving the wood shop. Have finally had a chance to do some lathe work and a few small projects which have been in my head for years.

I was just wondering;

  • Where does everyone get their wood from? Both regular, semi-exotic, and exotic? Of course I’ve had a look around bunnings, but I can never really make it to a ‘proper’ timber yard within business hours; and websites don’t usually have much info. (Chasing some basics like walnut, and more exotics like purpleheart. Would also love some dried logs, or old oak barrels)

  • Does the lathe have chucks etc to make bowls? So far I’ve only made a few small items with the current setup, and I’m just wanting to plan out a few projects for the year. (Couldn’t find anything atm, and wanted to check they weren’t stored somewhere I wasn’t aware of). For those interested, I’d potentially look at making something similar to this, among other things.

P.S. Where’s the chuck for the drill press?? Haven’t been able to find that bad boy for weeks now?

Sorry I meant, key to the drill press chuck**

Typically it’s attached with a piece of wire or put in the stand, but can’t find it

Sorry for the late reply Dave.

At this stage there isn’t a chuck but as more people become interested in wood turning a chuck would defiantly become a priority.
As for materials: Pine is easily available from bunnings. Most of my turning is with merbau as i can get it easily (and mostly free) from work. often i find i need to laminate a blank big enough to be able to turn something of a decent size.

Carbatec does sell more exotics but they generally aren’t cheap. I understand that things like Oak, Walnut and purple heart while expensive in the USA are also readily available. Not so much here. If you do find a good supplier please share.

Chuck Key for the drill press is MIA. will be getting a new one shortly.

Are we talking the drill press next to the scroll saw? I checked yesterday and one was sitting on the stand with it, and the metalshop one also has a chuck key. Found a spare in the metalshop toolbox however.

It may have re surfaced. I tried the one from yhe metal shop and it didn’t fit. If someone could confirm that it fits and not leaving another machine short changed i will hold off on.plans to buy a new one