Lathe Induction Videos

Hi all,

I’m looking to get the videos for the lathe inductions up and running. The general idea is to gather a series of videos that will provide all the necessary info that you can watch BEFORE attending the in-person induction (via eventbright). At the in-person induction we can then have a short session to address any questions you have and to have you perform a few operations to ensure you know how to operate the lathes safely.

These are the videos that I think I see are necessary to watch BEFORE the in-person induction.

In addition I can create a video on the specifics of our lathes.

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These look great Ben. I think a few reference pictures of our setup would assist people and any further queries can be fielded during the in-person part. If you notice any gaps in knowledge we can adjust the content as necessary. Pictures may be:

  • Our lathes with arrows pointing to the controls for each machine
  • Pictures of where we store our tools incl. which tools to use for which operations. (even though this is covered in the tool bits video, it would still be a good reference). This will help with keeping the place organised too.
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Sounds great!

It might be helpful to cover everything that you cover in an induction. Not only for pre-induction’s sake, but also for anyone wanting to refresh themselves at their leisure. Things like where power mains are, what to do if something’s not working, what to check for, what we can and can’t do, how to tag and report etc. Ditto what Ryan suggested and anything else HSBNE -specific.


Thanks Ryan and Dan. I think I’ll come in on Saturday and get some reference pictures. This may be easier than a video and get the information across quicker.

We can always adjust as needed.

Once we have the package together then I’ll update the WIKI.

For the Mill I have some videos, but there may be better ones out there:

Safety: Vertical Milling Machine Safety - YouTube

Overview: Milling Machine Restoration || INHERITANCE MACHINING - YouTube

Skills: Blondihacks Mill Skills

  • Mandatory
    • 1: The basics
    • 2: Setup
    • 3: First Chips
    • 4: Basic Milling Operations
  • Rest recommended

Some more video candidates for the bandsaw/linisher/drill press induction.

Horizontal Bandsaw

• We have a lock on the clamp

• Operation of bandsaw
• Similar model to ours.
• Has good guide on how to use the feed rate adjuster.

• Power and coolant switches are in different positions.
• Poor feedrate demonstraition

Cold Saw

• Different operation to turn on saw
• Does not say to make sure coolant is flowing.


• We don’t have a dust extraction unit
• Looks like the same or similar one to ours.

Bench Grinder

• Very good as-is

Vertical Bandsaw

• Same as out hafco
• No wood use