Lathe Inductions

Quite a few people have been asking about running lathe inductions, and it’s something I definitely want to organise soon. As we’ve had issues with attendance of inductions in the past, what would everybody say to paying a fee for the induction (ie. say $50), but in return you get around $50 worth of lathe tooling (turning/boring bars + inserts in a nice little kit).



I’d be in.
Sounds like a good plan to get solid numbers

I’d be keen as well!

Any purposed dates?

I’m keen, buying my own lathe soon so some tooling is excellent.

Around a months time.

We’re also looking at professionally taught 3hr workshops for around the same cost as the (ridiculously popular) welding workshops.

That sounds great as well!

I’ve done wood turning at high school, but that was last century, so I’m a bit rusty there. I never got acquainted with a metal lathe, so I’d be interested too.

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I’ll be keen to take part, just getting my membership all sorted out. Also I’ve got a trade background in fitter & turner from canada (we’re called millwrights there) and I happen to have all of our training books on electronic copy. They could save some time in writing up induction documents / having extra material as well.

That would be great if you could - I’ve got some resources pulled from the US Army’s ‘Fundamentals of Machine Tools’ for milling and turning, but more content is great

I was gong to email but I checked the folder and each module from the course is just a number. I’ll trying to find the appropriate one but I can share the whole lot as well. It’s 1.2 gb for everything but there’s stuff from metal work, repairs, trouble shooting, engines, electrical, pneumatics, hydraulics and whole bunch of other things too. What’s the best way to share this?

USB stick might be the best bet.


Sweet! I’ll see If I can get each doc named before hand. I’ve also pm’d you a drop box link for browsing ahead of time. If anyone else is curious let me know and I can share the link. Technically I think there’s some copyright things on this but the docs are over 10 years old so they’re not used anymore and have been updated yearly.

Oh and there’s a whole bunch of welding stuff in this too so that might help simplify some stuff. I used to do maintenance planning and scheduling so I’m used to writing procedures and work documents and might be able to help out a bit on that front as well.

I can also share my resources, Ill bring in a USB tomorrow night.
I have a few GBs of fully searchable PDFs :slight_smile:
Including the “bible”

Will anyone be in next Tuesday for an induction? Lathe and mill would be great.

If you have missed it, we’ve got some upcoming workshops on TIG welding. They’re $80 for 3hrs including refreshments, run by a very skilled fabricator who taught me to weld many years ago. As we’re almost at the stage where tooling including the welders will be interlocked, time to organise these now (there are other induction opportunities coming up).

You can sign up via

I have to say the catering at these classes is top notch :smiley: Also the teaching was great and I’m looking forward to practicing

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Next workshop up: given their popularity, another MIG workshop.

Still working on lathe/mill workshops, but they’re on their way!

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I’m 100% down, will be following