LED orders: Christmas edition

Update: this order is cancelled. See you next time!

Last night I heard there was some interest in getting MOAR LEDs from AliExpress. Since the shipping cost for these light items scales so well, it’s always a good idea to put in a group order, so I decided it’s time for another one!

##The usual conditions apply

  • I’m ordering from one of two sellers, either Ray Wu or Shenzhen Rita, both of which offer largely the same products at similar prices. I won’t order from both, because then we’d be paying two lots of shipping, which kind of defeats the purpose.
  • You must specify exactly what you’re after, preferably by a link to the product you wish to purchase and how much of it. If you want only part of one lot (e.g. 2 metres of an addressable strip sold only in 4m reels), someone else might want more or less of their order, so feel free to negotiate in this thread.
  • I will be placing this order very soon – on Wednesday 2014-11-19. If you haven’t paid for your order by then, I will simply not place your portion of the order. We had one member vanish into thin air last time, so I’m not ordering anything that isn’t paid.
  • Shipping will be split evenly. AliExpress doesn’t do a breakdown of shipping costs, but it does aggregate multiple articles into a single package, meaning that I only see one number to represent the final shipping cost. If four people place orders, the shipping cost will be around $6 each.
  • Yes, I will do a preliminary check on the shipping cost on Tuesday morning 2014-11-18 and post that number in this thread.

I will keep a list of orders in this Google Sheet.

How to make it official

While negotiating with others to split the MOQ of some items is encouraged, please be sure to make one and only one order post in this thread. If you edit it, please mark it as such. Your order should look like this:

Order for LuminousElement EXAMPLE ONLY


I will only add orders to my list that follow this format.

Here is some delicious copypasta that you can use to format your order like this.
Note: If you cannot operate a simple copy-paste then you may have issues with the programming side of these LEDs.

## Order for some idiot who didn't change their name

- 2 metres x 144LED/m WS2812B strip, black PCB, waterproof in tube (URL: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/144leds-m-WS2812B-5050-rgb-led-with-WS2811-IC-built-in-led-pixel-strip-DC5V-2m/701799_1827451756.html)
- 5 metres x 60LED/m common anode RGB strip, black PCB, waterproof coated (URL: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Black-PCB-DC12V-5m-one-roll-5050-SMD-60LEDs-m-led-strip-waterproof-in-silicon-coating/312912_866199254.html)
- 50 pcs x WS2812 enclosed SMD string (URL: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/DC5V-WS2812-6pin-full-color-led-pixel-light-16-8mm-diameter-IP66-one-5050-RGB-LED/312912_1816337464.html)

If there’s anything I haven’t covered, ask away. And remember, I’m in this order too – and may split any MOQs with you like anyone else!


How well do silicone tubed LEDs hold up to direct sunlight?
I know you said the silicone coated ones get brittle and the coating cracks with exposure.

The person to ask on that would be @merseyless, I’ve not yet bought any of the silicone tubed strip (although I will this time regardless of its UV-sensitivity because it will be necessary for a costume I’m making).

Not entirely sure about the silicone tubing but I do know that LEDs should be kept out of direct sunlight as it reduces their lifetime.

I’ve seen marginal interest in placing an order this month, so I’m cancelling the whole thing. Next time, Gadget!