Leg Vice

Sunday 24 Jan - 1pm.
Build a stand for the Forge’s own Leg Vice and press it into service.

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Just expanding on this. The cause has a shiny new leg vice that needs a stand built. It needs a length of pipe welded to the round baseplate that is currently under my leg vice/ table. Add a thick cap of steel that we can tap threads into so we can bolt it down, and ring/ Donut at the bottom to support the foot and some gussets to stop welds cracking, and we’re good to go. Will also drill holes into the baseplate so it can be bolted down in the future.

I’m confused. But I have stuck metal to metal before with welding, and probably bolts.

I am Happy to contribute by following direction, but this sounds like a 1 man job. How many people are required on site at a time to do this build?

Sorry if I’ve caused confusion postings this. I was kind of expecting Alex, Zac and I would mostly be doing this. Posted it here so we’d have somewhere to co-ordinate and if there was someone else passionate about it, then they’d know it was happening.
Happy to bin this thread if it’s confusing.

Oh, ok. Thats fine.

I’m still confused regards the construction, so I am happy to help if 3 people are needed. Beyond that I didn’t understand a word of what needs doing. I’m more visual than one to interpret written txt.