Let's buy some 32 bit printer boards for our printers/lasers

So right now we have at least one printer driven by a cheap chinese RAMPS board that is toasty, I’d like to suggest we replace it with something a bit better.

The same goes for the laser cutter Aaron brought in, the controller is pretty shit.

Let’s buy 2 (or 3 for a spare) of these - http://cohesion3d.com/cohesion3d-mini/ and get things a little better.

Table this for voting at the next digifab meeting.

I thought the one bought in by aaron Belonged to Ipswich HS.?

Yes plz. Did you want to try one the SBase boards? Everything I’ve seen seems to suggest they aren’t THAT bad and they’re cheap as chips with a touchscreen

No that one is owned by me

regarding aarons laser… why would digifab buy him a new controller? My blue laser and both my repraps could do with 32bit controller upgrades… if aarons laser gets one, then digifab could buy me three as well.

I have had discussions in the past from Aaron indicating it would likely become a HSBNE donation, clearly that is incorrect.

I’d still like us to purchase two so we can upgrade the i3 and possibly the i2 depending on its status. @David_Thomson how is the i2 atm?

Rambo’s have the stepper drivers on board (no plugins) have you considered those? Probably about the same price of cheaper than the cohesion when that’s factored in, unless you’re using existing drivers of course.

They’re almost $200 for an 8 bit board though, not much of an upgrade

I paid ~$120 (a year ago, to be sure). They have an ATmega2560.

The printers already have 2560’s, so it’s not really an upgrade aside from having a board that are less likely to catch on fire.

Did this lead to anything?

There is a new contender for the best value 32bit board though.

BIGTREETECH SKR V1.3 Control Board 32 Bit Smoothieboard TMC2208 TMC2130

Without modification, they unfortunately don’t slot right into a CR10 control box.

There is a direct upgrade which has been in the works for some time which fits directly into the factory box and uses all of the same connectors. I think it’s somewhere in limbo currently due to weird distribution problems, but it’s meant to be out soon

I a couple of weeks when I get a spare $50 I am going to buy one of the big tree tech things. I’ll report back on what I think of them. However everyone on the web that has had a look seems to be impressed.